Real 'Push-button' AI Runs a
Social Video Agency Business
for You from Scratch

Let AI Create 100s of Social Content & Videos, Then Perpetually
Post Them For You with Optimal AI Scheduling

Launching 9-12-23, 11am EST

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Run Your Own Social Video Agency with A.I.

(& Use it To Get Clients, Too)

Step 1
Enter a Keyword and Choose the Number of AI Variations

Step 2
Watch AI Create Unique, Addicting Posts & Videos

Step 3
Customize Your Posts & Videos

Step 4
Perpetually Post with New AI Auto-Scheduling

Silicon Valley Spent 10 Years Making Everyone Addicted to Social Media…

And the Businesses that Post the Most Often
Now Are Winning BIG TIME

Small businesses that aren’t posting video and image content are getting crushed by competition with big content creation teams.

PPC is too expensive, and posting a few times per day doesn’t drive traffic anymore.

But now, you can leverage new AI to create and post high amounts of quality, unique content for you better than what top social agencies can make.

In 2023 Social is Dominating:

4.9 Billion People Now Use Social Media Across the World

There are tons of active people ready to buy just about anything in any niche now.

- Statista

52% of New Brand Discovery Now Comes from Social Media

If you have something to sell, the best way to get it discovered is social media in 2023 and beyond.

- Global Web Index

39% of Social Media Users Now Report They Are Addicted to Social Media

Social algorithms are so powerful users now say they feel addicted and spend their time and money there.

- Statista

People Average 8 Social Media Accounts and Spend 151 Minutes Per Day

Social media is where the majority of everyone’s time goes now

- Datareportal

If you are not producing 100 pieces of content … every single day you are leaving the greatest opportunity in the world on the table.

- Gary Vaynerchuk

Social media is going to be the place almost all leads and
sales come from in the future. After all…

Attention is the New Currency

The new wave of billionaires are using
social media to get rich fast.

Kylie Jenner turned her social audience into a billion dollar business overnight

Dwayne Johnson’s tequila company is valued at a billion dollars because of his massive Instagram count

Conor McGregor sold his whiskey brand, Proper No. Twelve, for $600 million because of his Twitter following.

But, I know what you’re thinking…

Even with A.I., Creating High-Amounts of Quality, Addicting Content is Still Super Expensive and Time-Consuming

You need to…

Research Unique, Viral Ideas

That means you need to spend hours researching what’s trending and getting views now in your niche.

Create Multiple Videos and Images

Then, waste time recording yourself on camera and coming up with the scripts and descriptions for each individual post.

Reformat for Different Socials

For maximum results, your social media content needs to be ‘native’ to each platform or appear like other content there.

That means re-recording videos, re-editing images, and wasting even more time.

Schedule it Over and Over

Just posting once a day isn’t cutting it anymore.

So, you need to invest in costly scheduling tools like HootSuite and log in every few hours to reschedule the post, while hoping it's the right time your audience is on.

Even with individual AI tools and social schedulers like Hootsuite, getting traffic and sales for yourself or clients from social platforms is not easy.

But now, there’s an easier way…

Let New AI Create Social Media
Campaigns & Perpetually Post
Them For You

Hey, Ben Murray and Abhi Dwivedi here…

and for years we've dreamed about creating a real ‘push-button’ traffic and leads tool that sent target traffic whenever we needed in any niche.

Finally, it’s here. We've built a real AI assistant that makes stunning social media posts and addicting videos for multiple social networks from just a keyword.

Then, it perpetually posts them for you with no scheduling needed using revolutionary ‘content stream’ AI scheduling technology.

Yup, now you can send traffic all day with no work or giant agency team needed.


The first all-in-one AI tool that runs an SMMA (social media marketing agency) business, doing the work of an entire agency for you.

AISocials creates all your post and video content from just keywords, then perpetually post them over and over for you on autopilot, just as you had a big team working around the clock.

AISocials is Easy to Use

Step 1
Find Viral Topic Ideas for the AI to Make Content Around

Enter a keyword and find trending topics on Reddit, YouTube, and Google will get tons of attention and shares in your niche.

Step 2
Enter a Keyword and Choose the Number of Posts & Videos to Make

Then, enter a keyword, enter the number of posts you want to make, and choose what type of post to create and for what network.

The AI will get to work creating high-quality, additive social posts and videos that are all fully unique for 100s of pieces of viral content in seconds.

Step 3
Preview Your Already Finished Content

Then, preview all the marketing materials AISocials created for you. The AI assistant creates unique, gorgeous social posts and social videos native to each social network.

And full agency social campaigns for you to land the clients in the first place using social media

Step 4
Customize Anything Using Drag/Drop Technology

Everything the AI creates is fully customizable with drag/drop technology

Customize Your AI Image Posts with the Drag/Drop Editor

Or, Customize Your AI Video Scripts and Social Media Videos with the Cloud Editor

Step 5
Add Posts to AI ‘Content Streams

Create smart AI content ‘streams’ or collections of, say, quotes, another stream of AI articles, another stream of viral videos, etc. for each individual client.

Then, specify when each type of 'stream’ will post to the clients’ social media. For example, quotes content stream can post each Monday and Friday at 2 pm, a content stream of memes will post weekly 3 pm on Wednesday, etc.

Step 6
Watch as the App Perpetually Posts the Content

The app will then post whatever content you have uploaded to that particular stream at that time and once it runs out of new posts, it will start recycling the older posts at the best times so you’re always posting content continuously.

Plus, it will optimize the posts if you want based on what pieces of content work best and at what times using machine learning.

Clients will have no idea it’s AI software and assume you have an around-the-clock team.

Just log into your dashboard at any time and check your monthly results from all clients so you know how fast to scale your business.

AISocials Creates Super
High-Quality Content & Posts
it For You Like:

AI Social Posts




Pinterest, Linkedin, & More

AI Social Videos

YouTube Videos

Instagram & Facebook Timeline Videos

TikTok & YouTube Shorts

Instagram Stories

Viral Content…

AI Midjourney Images

AI Quotes

AI Memes

AI Articles, Social Descriptions, & More

All Scheduled and Posted For You At Optimized Times Using Real Machine Learning.

There’s Never Been Anything Like This!

Checkout the Demo Here:

Unique Features Never Seen Before in ANY App Include…

Create AI Social Media Campaigns from Keywords

AISocials creates super engaging social media posts and videos just from keywords.

Choose the post type, enter the number of posts to make, enter a keyword in any niche, and watch the AI assistant pump posts and videos for Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, Pinterest, and more.

AI Agency Social Campaigns from Keywords to Land Clients

Instantly generate your own AI addictive social campaigns to auto-get new clients for your agency while you sleep.

Create specific campaigns that target clients in a single niche like campaigns that land plumbing clients or campaigns that land yoga studio clients by just entering a keyword.

AI Social Post Creation Wizard

Enter a keyword and AISocials’ SocialPost Wizard will make multiple engaging posts for any social platform from it. It’s so easy to use…

01. Enter a Keyword

Enter a Keyword and Number of Variations

Enter a keyword you want the AISocial Post Wizard to create content around and the number of variations on the post you want it to create.

02. Choose a Social Platform

Choose to create a native post for Instagram, Facebook, X, LinkedIn, and more with specific dimensions.

03. Customize the Image & Social Post Text

AISocials will create a unique and engaging post with an editable image and editable body text.

Feel free to add text, layers, emojis, shapes, elements, stock images, and more to customize the post how you like.

Edit or regenerate the post body text as well with AI.

04. Or, Choose from DFY Templates or AI Images

You can also choose form a huge selection of gorgeous DFY templates to customize and use, or generate an AI image using Midjourney to really stand out on social timelines for your post.

AI Social Video Creation Wizard

Enter a keyword and AISocials’ SocialPost Wizard will make multiple engaging videos for any social platform from it.

01. Enter a Keyword & Choose Your Post Type

Enter what you want the post to be about and choose what platform the video will be for.

02. Customize Your AI VSL Script

Generate a ‘sticky’ script specifically for social media videos that will keep viewers watching

03. Customize the Video Slides

Then, edit anything about your already DFY video if you want.

Customize background videos from a gigantic cloud library of fresh clips, add text, change fonts, add fancy transitions, add video slides, customize video duration, customize the video dimensions.

04. Add AI Voiceovers & Render in the Cloud

Plus, use the advanced text-to-speech engine to add realistic, human sounding voiceovers to your videos. Add jingle music if desired, then render in the cloud to post.

AI Self-Scheduling & Posting Technology

Creating and scheduling every post yourself is time-consuming work.

However, AISocials solves this by posting a full suite of varied content during the week, including a mix of videos, graphics, posts, and more FOR YOU like a major agency company would do for each client using AI technology.

Create the post once, and then AISocials schedules it and reposts it over and over for you at optimal times without having to schedule it again.

Smart Social ‘Content Stream’ Technology

Create content ‘streams’ or collections of, say, quotes, another stream of curated articles, another stream of viral videos, etc. for each individual client.

Then, specify when each type of ‘stream’ will post to the clients’ social media. For example, quotes can post each Monday and Friday at 2 pm, memes will post at 3 pm Wednesday, etc.

Agency Client CRM Technology

Integrate each client into the app and manage their social accounts from one dashboard. Even allow clients to access the software if you want to create their own campaigns and marketing materials.

Easy-to-Edit Social Content Posting Calendar

Organize all your social posts in a drag/drop calendar.

Click to schedule one-time posts, see when AI will be posting, and organize everything by client, too.

AI Image Creation with Midjourney

Make your social posts razzle-dazzle and stand out on social times with Midjouney AI images. With the special Midjourney AI integration, you can enter a keyword and generate a mind blogging image for any need to be included in your posts and videos and wow your clients.

Integrate & Post to Multiple Social Media Networks

Connect multiple social media accounts for each client including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Instagram, and much more.

Post to multiple accounts per client now, including viral accounts to grow your business.

AI Variations Technology

Choose to create multiple variations of your social media post for mass amounts of fresh, unique content. This special technology only AISocials has is the key to skyrocketing growth and quickly growing any social profile to thousnads of users FAST.

AI Article and Social Description Technology

Write amazing articles for Medium, Wordpress, or anywhere else to link to in your social posts with the AI article writer.

Plus, use it to create social media post descriptions like YouTube video descriptions, or 'About Us' text for your Facebook profile or Google Business profile.

Find Viral Ideas Fast

Enter any keyword and find viral content you can post instantly in many different niches using new viral AI ideas finder. Search trending posts and topics on Reddit, YouTube, and Google News for the AI to create viral posts around.

Machine Learning For Optimal Posting

The AI will learn what type of content performs best and when you’re getting the most views.

Then suggest posting at the optimal times for maximum impact, driving you traffic with smart learning.

Canva API Integration

If you already have social posts saved on Canva. You can edit them and import them to AISocials in just a click with the Canva API access feature.

Giant Memes Library with Drag/Drop Creation

Choose from a gigantic library of viral memes and customize them with your own text to perpetually post.

Generate & Send Client Reports

Generate monthly posting reports for individual clients so you can prove to them how many posts went out and how much traffic was sent. This is important to make sure they continue to pay you each month for the social media scheduling.

Create Videos & Posts in Different Dimensions for Any Need

Create posts and videos native to each social platform in the most common dimensions for social

Make vertical, square, or retangle videos and posts for commercials, affiliate product reviews, viral posts, sales, quizzes and stats, and more.

Generate Viral Hashtags with AI

Auto-generate the best hashtags for each post with AI to guarantee your posts get traffic and seen on social timelines.

And Many More Features Like…

Fully Cloud-Based

24-7 Support & Knowledge-Base

Ultra-Fast Render Time

Create Individual Marketing Materials

Calendar for Specific Clients

In-App Training

Frequent Updates Included

Amazing Results

100% API Approved

It’s like having a team of copywriters, video makers, social media managers, and designers in your pocket…

(...doing all the hard work while you sit back and relax!)

And Look How Many More Features You Get:

We Have a Congruent Funnel Priced to Convert:

FE: AISocials Elite $67.00

Includes all the features above with both Agency Rights & Commercial Rights to sell to clients.

OTO1: AISocials Unlimited $97.00 Yearly

This upgraded, more advanced edition of AISocials includes the unlimited license and advanced features like...

  • Create Unlimited AI Social Posts 
  • Create Unlimited AI Videos
  • Create Unlimited Content Streams
  • Schedule Unlimited Posts to Unlimited Accounts
  • Eliminate the ‘Powered by AISocials’ Link
  • Get More AI Credits with Deep Learning
  • Get Premium Post Templates 
  • Get Premium Video Render Time
  • VIP Support
  • Unlimited VIP Bonuses
DS1: AISocials Unlimited-Lite $67.00 Yearly

A lighter version of AISocials Unlimited for a lower cost, but with fewer features.

OTO2: AISocials Platinum $197.00

Get 30x more results by expanding into international markets, using DFY whitelabel content streams, getting templates delivered each month, and far more including…

  • Create Posts & Videos in Any Langage
  • Translation Technology
  • International Realistic Voiceover Technology
  • DFY Whitelabel Content Streams - get DFY AI content ready to schedule in AISocials in popular niches
  • DFY Agency Site
  • Showcase Testimonials
  • Agency Store Setup Help
  • eCommerce Store Integration
  • DFY Hosting Plan
  • DFY Client-Getting Campaign
  • Access to the Template Club
  • SocialTraffic ‘Mega Brain’ Access - get the ‘know-how’ of social media traffic to go along with your AI creation tools
  • One-on-One Support
  • VIP FastAction Bonus (Today Only)
DS2: AISocials Platinum-Lite $37.00

A lighter version of AISocials Platinum for a lower cost, but with fewer features.

OTO3: AISocials Enterprise $127.00

This most advanced edition of AISocials allows you to keep clients longer with advanced Enterprise technology, white label the app as your very own so clients don’t buy from us, and far more like…

  • Agency Whitelabel Technology
  • Add Unlimited Agency Clients
  • Enterprise Reseller - resell AISocials with this most requested feature
  • Enterprise TMA Tech. - add team members into the software to do the work for you
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • Enterprise CAA Technology - create client accounts for clients to view their campaigns
  • Enterprise OCP Technology - preview campaigns & marketing materials for clients
  • Enterprise Outsourcing Suite - learn how to scale your social enterprise business faster
  • Social Media Manager
  • Social Media ‘Audit’ Template
  • Fiverr Gig Training & Templates
  • Instagram ‘Audit’ Template
  • Easy-Edit Whitepaper
  • DFY Cold Email Swipes
  • DFY Teleswipes
  • Enterprise Bonuses
OTO4: AISocials RankReel Special $67.00

Our ‘behind-the-scenes’ 5-in-1 comprehensive LOCAL video ranking solution gets you or your client’s videos to page one of Google and YouTube in 2022 and beyond.

OTO5: AISocials Reputor Special $67.00

The first cloud-based app that manages and enhances local businesses' reputation online with advanced, proprietary technology. Reputor grows your clients’ local profile listings ratings and rank on autopilot i.e.: GoogleMyBusiness, Yelp, Facebook, lands clients that need reputation management services, and generates far more warmed-up leads in breakthrough ways no other app can do.

OTO6: AISocials Koincart Special $67.00

Koincart is a first-to-marketing tech that allows businesses anywhere to sell digital or physical products with cryptocurrency checkout fast & easy, creates gorgeous sales sites with templates, & auto-delivers products after crypto purchase.

This transformational tool comes with agency rights allowing marketing companies to set up crypto payments & memberships for fees w/out having to know anything about crypto.

AISocials Bundle Deal $317.00

Plus, there will be a bundle deal for the front-end + all upgrades available for a low price.

Lots of Prizes in Multiple Contests

Some Prizes Include...

Phase 1: Sept 12 (Tuesday) - Sept 14 (Thursday)
Phase 2: Sept 15 (Friday) - Sept 18th (Monday)

Plus, additional contests are to be announced.

Minimums apply - make the same in commissions as the prize money. If not, you will be paid commissions earned.

Why Promote AISocials?


The only AI social media content maker AND AI self-scheduler in one


Should do bigger numbers than ClickAgencyAI (340k in 7 days). ClickagencyAI was ‘AI lead generation agency angle’ while AISocials is the much more popular ‘AI SMMA angle’.


AI Midjourney High-end images


Private webinars are available with a consistent history of 50% conversions (no paid actors, yes it’s us standing behind our app live on the calls)


We will reciprocate hard, constantly at the top of leaderboards


Multiple sales pages and sales videos ready for optimum conversions


8 Figure copywriter onboard


Around-the-clock premium support available

We Will Be Reciprocating Even Harder This Year:

Ben has sent over 1 million in sales to partners in the last year with 14% conversion and industry-low 5.79% refund rate. This is because we still believe in doing proper promotions with our own bonuses, swipes, and demo videos.

We've been on too many leaderboards to make graphics for lately and will continue to reciprocate back hard to those that put in solid effort promoting our products.

Plus, Abhi is JvZoo’s Top Vendor and Crushing Leaderboards



Reach Out for Review Access or Any Questions

Ben Murray

JV Manager

Abhi Dwivedi